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Hey! We enjoy what we do. We rank the best logo we have animated during a particular month. We show 3 months’ best logos here


T.T. Siddarth Director & Promoter Vidiem

In today's world where multiple brands across various categories are fighting to create awareness, logo animation is an innovative means for a brand to stand out from the crowd. Especially in the case of new brands such as mine, the uniqueness of logo animation helps draw attention to the brand and improves brand recognition & recollection amongst consumers.

Krishnan Sethuraman CTO CloudNow Technologies

"Hornbill provided what they promised and what we wanted. Everyone at Hornbill is a creative person and that worked in our favor. What I like most about the team at Hornbill is their ability to digitize my vision, thoughts and ideas in a short period. Its a company young at heart and wish them success. Startups should definitely check them out."

Mohit Oberoi,Managing Director, Solverminds Solutions and Technology

"Design in Business is extremely important as it helps companies to emotionally connect with their customers. KRISSCO has knowledge of design and animation to create impactful and meaningful animated logo’s."

Madhav Sattanathan ,Managing Partner ,Kriss Real Estate

"When you can animate something meaningful to you, the passion and energy behind it is brought to life."

M. LankaLingam Managing Director ,Lanson Toyota

"The animation tends to draw me closer to the brand, while motion of the wheels seemed to denote an organisation moving with the times through the wheels of change."

Srinivas Bala,Business Head, Credit Café – Credit Advisory and Forex Experts

"We had approached Hornbill to give us a creative solution for putting across our services as a capital advisory firm to our target audience. The storyboard was provided quickly and the animated logo by itself captured a lot of what we wanted to convey in a professional as well as trendy spirit, which we believe is the cultural core of the company. This could not have happened without the team’s energy in understanding our business and connecting with the minds of our clientele. Keep up the smart, creative work at Hornbill!."

Balasubramanian S. Adityan Managing Director DAILY THANTHI

Great work, and truly professional. The DAILY THANTHI logo was animated extraordinarily well, and added some strength and stamina to it. Great work, team! Keep it up!

Ravi Jethani, BEYOND LIFE

"I must put on record that the work done on my logo by Hornbill is very innovative and deserves attention. they are very professional in their approach and non pushy guys.They believe inadding value to your company first and making a meaningful contribution which is amazing."